Let’s Be Honest…

Okay.. I get it. In a perfect world I would meal prep every Sunday, get all my meals in on time and I would definitely have a six pack by now.

I am a huge advocate for meal prep, and a prepper myself. (Not to be confused with doomsday preppers.) I am on point the majority of the time. But sometimes meal prep is just a bitch you don’t want to deal with. She’s boring. Needy. Time consuming. Takes up your whole day off.  And you have to do it just right or everyone ends up unhappy. (👈See what I did there.) But I digress. Sometimes it just doesn’t work that way.

So far this week I have lived off of protein shakes, protein cookies, jerky and what I would consider an obscene amount of mini cupcakes. (Kidding- it was only 3. And they fueled a Muay Thai workout and touched my soul so that’s okay, right?)

BUT obviously I can’t continue to eat only protein and cupcakes. So I stopped by Simply Fit Meals and got a few things. Yay for food!! 👇👇👇IMG_0913

My point? 1) Sometimes life happens. Did I regret those cupcakes? Yes. For a little bit. But did I let them ruin the rest of my night/week? No. I didn’t let one bad thing catapult me into the “I’ll just start fresh next week mentality.” 2) You sometimes have to make due. I haven’t had a lot of time for meal prep. Protein shakes and Quest cookies aren’t the foundation of a good diet but they are healthy options comparatively. And that is where Simply Fit came into play. I KNEW I would struggle to find time this week for prep, so I went ahead and got some meals to last until I will have time!

Plan ahead, but when a plan falls through, understand your mistake and just move forward.

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