The Perfect Weight


I see it all the time. People obsessed with their weight. “Dropping the pounds.” Cutting out everything they enjoy in life. For what? The scale to read a stupid number that for 90% of people doesn’t mean jack.

Keep in mind that when I say this, I am excluding two categories of people: athletes who have to maintain a certain weight and the clinically obese who need to lose weight to avoid serious diseases.

So with that stance in mind, please remember that a number on a stupid machine does not define you. If you wake up every day and make an effort to be healthy, then you are doing what all your fitness idols keep preaching about on Instagram! You are living the “fit life!”

Yes, even if you broke down and had ice cream with your kids. Or if you went out with your friends on Sunday Funday and had mimosas! Or if you skipped the gym one night to hang out with family or friends. Being healthy is about your body, but it’s also about having a healthy outlook and enjoying life!

If you have a serious goal you want to reach, then by all means, go for it! Really, truly, bust your ass and reach it! I, for one, always have a goal. But I am an athlete.

My motto is “Be happy. Be fit.” Did you catch the “be happy” part? What’s the point of busting our butts in the gym and eating healthy if it doesn’t make us happy? If the end goal is to not be happier?

I’ve lived the life of eating the same thing every. Single. Day. For a purpose though. Why limit yourself like that for no reason? As a trainer, most people come to me with the sole purpose of being healthy. They want to do x,y,z thing with their kids, grandkids or spouse. Most of the time, people start obsessing over that number and why it doesn’t move. Even if they FEEL amazing, that little number is tricky and still gets to them. Men and women alike. I often have to remind them of the muscle vs fat aspect and, more importantly, WHY they came to me in the first place! To feel amazing.

I think it is time to stop obsessing over a number and shaming ourselves for a cheat meal and to just live the happiest, healthiest life we can!

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