Why I Love My Dog More Than Most People.

I have officially become the crazy dog lady. Dog selfies. My dog in a shirt. Thinking about Champ and his future dog wife.

I go there. “But why,” do you ask?

Most animal parents feel me. Your pup or kitty is like your baby.

Champ is no different. Ben and I got Champ December 2014 at an SPCA event at the mall. We saw his half pitbull,  half lab cuteness and instantly fell in love. We took him and his Lowe’s bucket home that day!

Here are the reasons I love this human dog so much.

1) He really is basically a human with a tail and fur. He sleeps on his back, he will sit up like a human and he loves a good bath just like his dear ole mom. Human.

2) He is probably the cutest dog ever (in my eyes at least.)

3) One of the most typical reasons is that he is ALWAYS happy to see me when I get home! Having him waiting for me at the top of the stairs when I get home every day is such an awesome feeling!

4) Another traditional reason I love him so much is that he doesn’t judge me. Most of the time. I feel like he may judge my athletic ability when we go for runs. Even when I lie to him and tell him I’m stopping because he’s sniffing around. He knows. I can also see the shame in his eyes when I have pizza or ice cream. Or maybe that’s hunger and the shame is coming from within. Probably.

5) He is the best alarm clock. At the worst possible times. Oh my dog, can Champ snore like a grown man.

6) On that same note, I love getting woken up by the awesome baths Champ loves to give!

7) Speaking of sleep. We let him sleep in the bed with us and right before I fall asleep every night, I look up and there he is. Our own personal gargoyle. He is either watching over us or trying to figure out how to squeeze in between Ben and me.

8) Speaking of cuddling. Does this guy just LOVE to love? The answer is yes. He is legit down to cuddle any time, anywhere. And I usually let him, which could explain his lack of personal space. Which leads me to number 9.

9) He loves to hug and dance it out with me. As much as I love the hugging and dancing, I’m really trying to work on the jumping on people thing. Kind of. I say “hug” and a hug is what I get.

10) He talks to Ben and me and it’s ridiculously funny! He wants lovin’? He talks. He’s bored? He talks. He has to go potty? He talks and runs around like a demon until we take him out..

11) Last but not least. And not really even last but I can’t think of anything else at the moment. Champ is really smart. Probably not like the smartest dog ever because I have seen him poke himself in the mouth with a deer antler literally three times in a row before he wised up. But, nevertheless, he’s smart. I know he can tell when I’m sad. He can definitely sense when he’s about to get in trouble. He doesn’t tear stuff up often, but when he does, all I have to do is hold up a piece of it and off he runs to time out in his kennel!

I am sure everyone can relate! But my half pit, half lab mix has given me some of the best dog qualities anyone could ask for! He is fun and playful, but also alert and extremely protective! I’m a proud dog mom!

P.S. He also loves pizza, so that’s probably why we are best friends. Also, my best friend is a dog.

Also, if my dog ever morphed into a human, he would probably turn out to be Joey from Friends.


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